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I just realized my follower count hit a huge number.  I don’t really pay attention to it much anymore but DAMN.

You guys like your tattoos.

Thanks for following :)


Question of the Day:

How does your significant other feel about your tattoos? How do you feel about theirs? Do they have a favorite of yours? Do you have a favorite of theirs?  Are some less important to you than others?  And do you both have any of the same tattoos?

Do you guys think it’s weird that I have a tattoo blog but no tattoos?


”Women must give birth, men have to be tattooed,” says one Samoan tattoo song, expressing an age-old idea of equality between the sexes. Both must endure pain. In traditional Samoan society all young males had to be tattooed when they reached their late teens. Otherwise they were not considered real men. Nowadays, the custom is no longer general, but it is still associated with manhood and male prestige, and hugely popular.


My brother posted that my personal blog inspires him :3

I feel honored.

You guys should check out his art blog.

He doesn’t post like any of his best/good stuff in my opinion, just random sketchy sketches, but it’s really fun to go through nonetheless.  I think he is afraid of people stealing it.

His regular blog is on there too.

He’s a cool kid.

Sometimes he does requests so maybe he will do something for you if he likes the idea.

He’s actually sketching up a tattoo for his best friend at the moment.

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LOVEEEE her line tattoo and Love her Blog.

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Merry Christmas Everyone :D

And Happy Holidays!

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Getting tattoos has made me love my body, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Keep that in mind next time you say tattoos are stupid or ugly.