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Boop. I want better jewelry and a new piercing.

Any suggestions for septum pieces??

I keep finding beautiful wonderful septum jewelry that I can’t afford.


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My septum piercing will be two years old on Sunday!

I want to get a new piece of jewelry that is pretty but not too expensive.

Anybody have any suggestions as to a piece they really like?

There’s a shark in my nose.

And I was smiling/laughing which is why my nose is all scrunched up.



I can’t find the septum size I want that isn’t lotsa money.

16g, 6mm, with a smaller ball size. Idk what size. 2.5mm maybe. I think standard is 3mm but I think the smaller ball size will help make the overall thing look smaller.

Does anyone else who has piercings lose jewelry?

I swear it’s getting ridiculous and expensive.

I wonder how a curved barbell would look in a septum…

Thoughts?  Anyone seen such a thing?

Look at dat septum.

I simply adore this.


So I found a place that seems respectable, although I have not visited yet. They charge $25 for a septum piercing which is the best price I’ve seen around where I live.  I’m excited.  How much does a person tip a piercer?

Also…I’m a tiny bit worried I’ll look bad with one.   Oh poo.