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Boop. I want better jewelry and a new piercing.



What has been your experience with microdermals?

Are they awful? snag on everything? beautiful? Pain? healing time?

Anything would be great.



I can’t find the septum size I want that isn’t lotsa money.

16g, 6mm, with a smaller ball size. Idk what size. 2.5mm maybe. I think standard is 3mm but I think the smaller ball size will help make the overall thing look smaller.

Does anyone else who has piercings lose jewelry?

I swear it’s getting ridiculous and expensive.

How does acrylic jewelry feel in piercings?

Anyone know? or have any?

I was thinking of trying some.

Manfriend is giving me a shaved hair cut today.  Just some off the sides that is.  It should be pretty clean cut which is nice.  And cooler even though colder weather is coming in.  I have really thick curly hair so cooler is a nice thought.

Also, I’m searching for a place to purchase a septum clicker that isn’t going to be 50 bajillion dollars…

Please let me know if you know any sites that sell some that are a reasonable price.

Does Anyone Else agree…

That most tattoo and piercing places are kinda intimidating?


Know of any exceptional piercing blogs?

I kinda want to start a piercings blog….

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