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I keep finding beautiful wonderful septum jewelry that I can’t afford.


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My septum piercing will be two years old on Sunday!

I want to get a new piece of jewelry that is pretty but not too expensive.

Anybody have any suggestions as to a piece they really like?

Where would you guys say is the best place to purchase high grade body jewelry that is somewhat inexpensive?

There’s a shark in my nose.

And I was smiling/laughing which is why my nose is all scrunched up.

I want some Opal plugs.

They look magical.

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Piercings are half price at the shop near my house today and tattoos are 40 percent off!!!!

I want to get something doneeeeeeeeeeee

But I have to be able to hide it for work.

Any suggestions for piercings?

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I still really want my tongue webbing pierced.

I think I’m going to go to a different shop and see what they say.

Okay. So far I have found some pretty inexpensive kits, but they all come with flaring plugs which is scary or they are acrylic which I know is not great for the actual stretching process or for the plug….




Thank you so much for all those who answered my question!

NOW, I was wondering where is the best and most affordable place to get single tapers and pluggies because the sets come with far too many and I’m only going to a 12g size.

Can someone explain stretching to me?

I don’t understand what I need to purchase to get my ears at a 12g.