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Done by Marcin Surowiec

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I should sleep.


Do you ever put on one of those songs you hear the beat to and  all of the sudden turn into this hot mess of a dancer and your clothes are coming off until you are just in your undies and your body is moving in ways you didn’t know it could move and you feel sexy as hell.

yea… hehe.

You know what’s kinda interesting( let me know if you have never done this) when you hear a song that really makes you feel like moving, even if you can’t dance, you just start feeling it in your legs and arms and blood, and you may even start tapping a foot or hand or something. 

I think that’s neat.  It’s like something is making you move. This reaction to sounds put into a way that your brain is like “aww yeah…i like dat”


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I really like this song and it’s relevant because there are lots of shots of tattoos!

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