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My gave blood today for my best friend who is heading into surgery next week.  She has kidney cancer and hopefully will be clear soon.

She wants to get matching tattoos and I suggested our blood types because we are both O+ and because I just gave her a sack of my blood. hehe.

I think it’s a neat idea but I don’t think I’m ready for permanent things on me.

She wants to get it now and I’m like….I love it, and I love you…but ahhhh

I put on make up today for work.  I am nervous to wear it.   I don’t really wear make up and I always feel like judged if I do anything different from the ordinary.  Even with people in my family and friends.

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My blog is 3 years old. 



on a stick.

I hate everyone and nothing matters.

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My septum piercing will be two years old on Sunday!

I want to get a new piece of jewelry that is pretty but not too expensive.

Anybody have any suggestions as to a piece they really like?

I just realized my follower count hit a huge number.  I don’t really pay attention to it much anymore but DAMN.

You guys like your tattoos.

Thanks for following :)


Question of the Day:

How does your significant other feel about your tattoos? How do you feel about theirs? Do they have a favorite of yours? Do you have a favorite of theirs?  Are some less important to you than others?  And do you both have any of the same tattoos?

Don’t have crushes, don’t like anyone, and don’t you dare fall in love.