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I can’t draw as well as my brain can imagine.

It’s a problem.

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I’m writing my critique for art and it’s really really late here and it’s turning out cheesy and whatever but I found this mistake.

"I did swirls for the girls…"

I meant  ” I did swirls for the CURLS….”

I started laughing a lot.  




Pwease, Go Check out my brother’s artsy blog!

He takes requests sometimes!


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My brother posted that my personal blog inspires him :3

I feel honored.

You guys should check out his art blog.

He doesn’t post like any of his best/good stuff in my opinion, just random sketchy sketches, but it’s really fun to go through nonetheless.  I think he is afraid of people stealing it.

His regular blog is on there too.

He’s a cool kid.

Sometimes he does requests so maybe he will do something for you if he likes the idea.

He’s actually sketching up a tattoo for his best friend at the moment.

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I keep painting pink and purple and goldeny yellow trees with blue trunks and stems.

IMG_2420 by Ink Nerd on Flickr.

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I found out

At my school that there is a sort of tattoo video and picture thing going on with stories behind the art on people’s bodies.  I went through the site though and I feel like I could do much better.  I kinda want to try it but I’m not sure how to go about it.  Should it be studio shots?  Should I pick particular tattoos?  I am a person who believes a tattoo is a piece of art on a body which means I am not really a fan of any tattoo.  It’s hard to word what I mean exactly because there is the whole quality aspect and then taste.  Er maybe I mean I’m a fan of well done tattoos…    I wish I had someone on campus to talk to about this.  I think it could be fun to exhibit well photographed inked art.  It’s just like an art museum but the canvas is the body.

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