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The colors are gorgeous.

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My very first tattoo!! I am sooo in love with it! <3 <3

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Full Moons || Artist: Mark - Trilogy Tattoos and Piercings :: Memphis, TN

My best friend and I got these done right before we went to college to represent the distance that was about to be between us. We also just really love the moon.

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Anchors gonna weigh you downnn

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Not Ink related but beautiful nonetheless.

Mickey is in The Goofy Movie twice….

My brother just spotted him in the audience when we were pausing the screen.

Dear lord….I’ve seen this movie more than any other movie and I never saw him in this scene until now.

she-is-mad-but-she-is-magic-dea asked: 27 dresses :)

27 dresses: upload a picture of your most favorite clothing

I knew someone was going to ask this one….I dont have a most favorite clothing.  I just like comfy clothing.

elope-with-me asked: The hangover :D

the hangover: tell us a funny drunk story of yours

Oh jeez.

Um. Christmas party more than a year ago, I just kinda kept falling over and it was really silly. Every where I sat I would fall and lay there for awhile and think about my life.  I’m pretty self aware even when drunk.  I actually can think of more stories of other people at parties drunk yelling really funny things and me watching just a bit tipsy.  I usually have a hard time getting drunk.


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