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I fell asleep in two different libraries today.

I’m like a little bum that likes to read and sleep in different places.

I love these self help tattoos.

Little reminders to not fall off the edge.

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Completely useless.

Whoah, someone noticed me.


By Josh Cook of Truth & Triumph Tattoo in Dayton, OH

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Tattoo project thing





Reblog this and I’ll design you a tattoo that I think goes with your tumblr and your personality 

I do have one rule and that if you reblog this (unless we’re really close tumblr friends) I am going to ask some stuff about you and you have to answer (the faster the better) or else I probably won’t draw you one. 

I’m actually going to throw up if I get one I’m so excited

please do this please

I’d like this very much

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I’m always crying.

I feel like a sap.

I should live in a tree.

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avuaa asked: Hey! I was wondering if you could help me find a cover up tattoo? I have Clarity on my side and would like to cover it up. Any ideas would be great!

Well I mean….anything bigger than your last tattoo will probably do it and that works for the size of your side.

Just take a gander throughout this bloggy and see if you find anything.