School was stressful.  We had to get into partners.  I was alone.  No odd numbers.  Just people not wanting to sit next to me.  I think if someone did it might have been worse though.  Oh and I couldn’t mentally open the door to my second class so I missed it and I took that as a metaphor of my life and missing opportunities because of my insecurities and mental illness and then when I left campus, a giant monster truck of some sort spewing blackness into the air was right on my tail and I took that as my guilt chasing me.

kenneth-ken-kenny asked: Thank you!!! :) I'm trying to add on to my current half quarter sleeve soon and I think a light house would fit well!

Nice! do you have pics up of your current tatts?

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kenneth-ken-kenny asked: Do you have a link to any lighthouse tattoos?

I love the colors.


dribbus asked: Hello :) awesome blog. Point me in the direction of similar blogs? Im looking for a tattoo (male) for my hip/side... thankyou

This ones pretty great.  There are a few others.

What do you want on your hipside?

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Neat colors.

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