tomsawyer22 asked: hey you, love your blog. do you have any creative ideas for a paperboat tattoo?


reinbowsheep asked: do you have a tag for white ink tatts? :)

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buttsoupe asked: Hello, i am Mathieu and i am french. It s been years that i want a tattoo and i finally find what i want/the idea. i like minimal tattoo with line and symbol with meaning. Like the one of Tenue de Nimes logo. I cant put a link but just google image with TENUE DE NIMES TATTOO and it will be the first picture with the tattoo on the arm. I search for more but impossible. Do you know the name of the symbol? Do you have more information about this kind of tattoo? maybe you can help me. Tank you ;)

Teach me French Please.

The Tenu De Nimes symbol I think has to do with the company that makes denim items or sells denim items.

As far as what it means, I’m not sure.  I don’t know if they made up the symbol or if it previously existed.

Anybody know?

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