3 research papers (I finished one of those)

A few assignments

2 extra credit assignments that I have to complete

4 exams

In 3 weeks


Anybody else drowning in homework and tests?

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  • Cepasa - Delicious 

Director - Evgeniy Kuponosov  [x]

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nicotine-nostalgia asked: Hey! I absolutely love your blog. I really want to be a tattoo artist myself, and I was just curious if you knew anything about where to start. I know apprenticing is the way to go, but since college is "so important" do you think it'd be smart for me to earn a fine art degree? Or would it be pointless to show a degree, when I could just bring in a portfolio and learn from experience? I've still got quite a few years, but I'm really passionate about this! thanks! (:

I honestly don’t know anything about becoming a tattoo artist. I personally would always have a degree in your back pocket because education is awesome and so are backup plans but I’m going to have to hand this one over to any tattoo artists that follow me.

What do you guys think?  Any advice would be awesome.

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