fortunesfo0l asked: Do you have any pictures of women half sleeves and old school style tats??

zaamour asked: Any geometric tattoos or optical illusions?

isolatedmaniac asked: picture of your hair! please? xx

Ah. This maybe nervous…I’m all shy and stuff. Maybe after we cut it?

Is that okay? I’m sitting in a Dunkin’ Donuts right now so it might be weird to take a pic anyway at this moment, hehe.

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Manfriend is giving me a shaved hair cut today.  Just some off the sides that is.  It should be pretty clean cut which is nice.  And cooler even though colder weather is coming in.  I have really thick curly hair so cooler is a nice thought.

Also, I’m searching for a place to purchase a septum clicker that isn’t going to be 50 bajillion dollars…

Please let me know if you know any sites that sell some that are a reasonable price.

I love the use of just color and then black in selective places.

It really leaves a lovely effect.

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