ofwhichiampassionate asked: black and grey tiger tattoo? simple and realistic?


Dis is what I have.

onehitwonder86 asked: Hiii can you help me with some owls tattoos


The only thing I seem to be good at is running this blog and some would even disagree with that.

Fuck this life.

I want a restart.

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borderlineamazingmcd asked: Hello! I was wondering if you have come across any shark tattoos?


jadedjulia asked: I want to tattoo my Mother's name but I don't know where to put it. Do you have an idea on how to make it different ? Font, color, etc.


Anonymous asked: Hello :) looking for sleeves/half sleeves involving nature... everything from water, fields, flowers, mountains, the sky, sun, moon, even animals. i've looked through all your photos and have found some great components but was hoping you could find some examples of landscapes or "nature" looks altogether. cherry blossoms and water together are GREATLY appreciated as well. thank you!!

SOOOO I think you are going to need a real tattoo artista to help you out with this one.  I have found scenes but they are so badly done that I’d rather not link you. 

I think if you go to the tattoo artist and say…Okay, bro, *list things you want* and I want it to be fantastical. She/He might be able to help you.

There are just so many components to this, I just am not the right person to ask about it.

leidensweg asked: do you have any 'the smiths' related tattoos? :)

There are so manyyyyyy


might be able to help you

life-2-me asked: Hey so i've been wanting a tattoo for a while now but i really have no clue what i want. I think i want something with like a ship sailing through some waves with "adventure awaits"or something in the waves. Idk any ideas, im trying figure this out soon! haha Thanks in advance <3


Here are ships.

Here are waves.


loud-out-thinking asked: tattoos relating to cancer? not specifically breast cancer. also tattoos with bengals?

Ehhh You gotta be more specific than that for  me to help you.