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I think I’ve posted this.

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bobbingoblin asked: Do you think you'll ever go under the gun? What would you get?


Not sure.  I’ve had so many ideas though…white tattoos mainly because I love scars. something with music, or art or a sombreuill flower for my grandmother.  Two lines on the back of my arms.  Something to help me remember to be happy because I have clinical depression and I’m crazy…. Idk, there are so many things.

The closest I have been to actually getting a tattoo was 4 years ago.  My uncle died and I almost went with my aunt to get on my inner arm “Hello there sunshine”….but then I noticed on my friend’s how much it faded there.  I like that spot a lot though. 

I have commitment issues. Le sigh.

thaylove asked: How come you are so interested in tattoos and don't have any? Out of curiosity :)

I like art.  A lot.

Tattoos are art of the body. 

And that is something extra special, I think. 

fljotavik-sr-deactivated2013041 asked: Do you have Mandala tattoos?


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