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…but let me tell you a sad story about fine lines :(

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shadesoftopazzzz asked: hi, i'm looking for a decent lined picture of a wallflower (Cheriranthus Cheri or similar) to get tattooed next tuesday but i can't find any images that i'm really happy with. it's to go on my spine just below my neck so it doesn't have to be really small.... could you help me out?

Hrm…you might want to have the artist that I suppose you are seeing next Tuesday to sketch one out for you.  Find just normal pics, not necessarily of tats, but of actual photos of the flower to show them and describe to them what you want it to look like. 

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shannonlovesowls asked: soo i want a tat on the back of my left shoulder, but i keep getting told thats where it hurts the worst??

That is a matter of opinion.  I have heard a different spot hurts the most.  It really just depends on the person

Also, you have decide whether the pain matters more than where you want your tattoo.