dirtydianaaaa asked: I love your blog dear, oh, I dont need any pictures. Just wanted to let you know I think majority of the pictures you post are hot as fuck! :)

Hot as fuck, aye?

Hehe. Thank you :)

boatmancer asked: If I ever finally got a tattoo it'd probably be the Earth but I have no idea where on my body to get it. Do you have any suggestions or pictures of good examples?


rosesforeyes91 asked: any dream catcher tattoos?!?



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babypotbelliedpig asked: thank you for the images. :) sorry to be a wee bit nosy but may i ask why you don't have any tattoos?

You are welcome :D

Mainly because I have commitment issues.

babypotbelliedpig asked: what tattoos do you have? also, i'm looking for sugar skull gypsy girl faces with peacock feathers and roses for my half sleeve... do you have any images that could give me ideas? thank you muchly.. x x

I have separate images that you could put together.

I do not have any tattoos.





347nauticalmiles asked: Things like gears, springs, shocks, spark plugs, car parts in general or whole cars. thanks


what kind of car

mynameisyoshi asked: do you have any tattoos of coordinates?


leidensweg asked: hi :) do you know a site with like types of writing? i don't like this typical cursive crap... like very simple wrting or typewriter-style idk... do you know what i mean?


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