Is this real?

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isolatedmaniac asked: well. shit happens. we just gotta get out of it right? you hang tight too. saw your 'me' tags. im guessing theyre you?

I try too. I feel like it is ridiculously hard to get out of sad funks though.

Yes! Those were me. But only the tips of my hair are colored. And those are not my tattoos. Those were tags from flickr people had put.  I am tattooless.

Thank you for the compliment though :)

It was really nice of you to say that.

isolatedmaniac asked: had a shitty day at school too. but i think youre gorgeous. loving the hair colour

I’m sorry you had a shitty day :(

But I’m pretty sure you have me confused with someone else.

Which picture are you talking about?

I had a shitty day at school.

Make me happy, please.

Stealing interbutts from school in my car!

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