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so-much-drama-so-little-time-de asked: hey. do you have any images of a heart chakra tattoo? thank you






grateful-melancholic asked: I'm sorry if my last question was very vague, I just read your important post and I understand. So, I guess I would like to try and narrow down my question because I was having trouble finding what I was looking for... so, there are tattoos where people get it like their skin is broken open and you can see something underneath, well, I was thinking of doing stained glass/mosaic-esc/colored glass shards to make it seem like that's what's underneath me, and I only want to do it in a medium size.

Hrm…..very unique and neat sounding.

I found some images of stained glass looking tatts.

I would really try to think of what images you want done and try to get them all together to bring to a tattoo artist.

If you find someone who is really an artist, they should be able to bring to light what you want done on your chest.








lulzobvi asked: for my next tattoo, I think I want to get a longish quote (20-25) words. do you have any ideas about location? since it's a longer quote, I'm having a hard time thinking of a good place to get it. thanks!

From what I’ve seen, long quotes are usually placed on a larger body parts like the back or thighs.

puredopeshxt asked: I understand the chest quotes are kind of "in" right now, but I would like one that is so common, but is still pretty meaning ful. can you please help me?

I want to helppppp buttttt you have to be more specific


I keep getting little updates that I have messages but when I check nothing is there….I don’t know if anyone is actually messaging me or….

tumblr is being a big ol’ tease.


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