ghthoughts asked: has some old school for me to study?

I don’t post many old school tats if that’s what you mean.  There are sites on there that are primarily that though.

flib-er-tee-jib-it asked: Hi, I've been wanting a dia de los muertos tattoo, but a pretty colourful one rather than gothic. any help finding nice tattoos i can get ideas from would be appreciated :)

Anonymous asked: I'm looking into getting a tattoo in memory of my father who was a woodsman his whole life. Do you think you could possibly find a broken chainsaw chain or something along those lines? Thanks!

Ah. It was really hard to find much. I wish I could have helped more.

puredopeshxt asked: If you dont mind I'm looking for a chest piece tattoo .. that mayy have Angels in it with a meaningful uote that a lot of people dont have or instead of Angels maybe angel wings... Color would be nice as well.. Thank you

Anonymous asked: Would you happen to have any beautiful crosses for women.

I just posted some crosses…idk what you would consider beautiful though.

wh-ey asked: aztec eagles?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever seen the quote "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." as a tattoo or any other quote/tattoo that has to do with evolution/Charles Darwin, but not an actual picture of Darwin ! Please and thank you and have a nice day! :)

Lovely quote, but I haven’t sadly.

myownofme asked: Do you have any cross tattoos?

Anonymous asked: Could you find or post some watercolour type tattoos? Thank you! (I know it's not too specific, sorry.)