liveforthelazydays asked: Hii got any tattoos that are the map of the world ta very much


theonewithstripes asked: what's one thing people should keep in mind if they want to be a tattoo artist?

I’m sure there are lots of things, I suppose getting as much practice in as possible is one important thing, before you start on people.

singmyterridactylofmusic asked: because you are bored and you asked for asks... where are you favorite tattoo spots? like where do you think they look the best?

I think tatts that flow with the body look much more aesthetically pleasing then ones that look like they are placed randomly.  For example, your tattoo would flow with your natural body lines so that they seem like they are almost meant to be there.

Posting stuff is really awful now…

I seriously don’t feel like making the effort to post pictures.

I’m really sad.  And gay men are beautiful. And I kinda want to tell you guys where I live so you can all come over and help me make a movie to enter into this festival.

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