milkkky asked: when i need to go to the dentist, i usually take of the barbel. but one time though when i was enrolling for college & there's this dental/ medical exam i have to go through the dentist saw my piercing because i forgot to take it off lol he was old & i expected him to criticize or be disgusted but instead he was surprised & asked me who did it for me, did it hurt, why i had it done, etc. anyway, i guess it really depends on the person since we all have different opinions

That old guy sounds awesome.

Ultimately, this is very true, I just dont like the criticism. I still freak out about it at school. Like if a teacher will see me differently just because my nose is pierced.  But I am like this about most things anyway.

hollyisaheadcase asked: Yes the dentist is awkward. Usually the dental assistants make snarky side remarks. As far as cleaning and check ups are concerned, they just annoy the hygienists. But they only really make you take them out for xrays. Otherwise they just work around them.

I always worry about comments.  I know you can see my septum in my xrays at my ortho, but nobody has said anything yet.  I plan on getting something pierced in my mouth and I just dont know if im ready for them to be all kfjdlsakjflaskj about it.  I actually think my hygienist will get over it, but the dentist I have now will freak out and be like ew get that out.  It’s really stressful thinking about it.

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This is so pretty.

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People who have oral piercings, is it awkward at the dentist? 

How do you deal with that stuff?

  • Have you ever:
  • 1. Skipped class?Yes
  • 2. Done drugs? No
  • 3. Self harmed?Yes
  • 4. Drank?Yes
  • 5. Shoplifted?No
  • 6. Gotten a tattoo?Not yet
  • 7. Broken up with someone?Nope
  • What’s your favorite:
  • 8. Show? Probably,The Wire, but there are many
  • 9. Movie? Maybe The Professional
  • 10. Song? Don’t have one.
  • 11. Tumblr? Don’t have one
  • 12. Singer/Band? Idk
  • 13. Memory? Childhood
  • 14. Book? 100 Years of Solitude….maybe
  • This or that:
  • 15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?Fly
  • 16. Cookies or Cake?Cake
  • 17. Twitter or Facebook?Neither
  • 18. Movies or Books? Both
  • 19. Coke or Sprite? Ginger Ale
  • 20. Blind or Deaf? Deaf
  • 21. Tea or Coffee?Tea
  • What’s your:
  • 22. Age? 21
  • 23. Sign?Aquarius
  • 24. Height? 5’3
  • 25. Sexual orientation? Fluid
  • 26. Shoe size? Ranges from 6 to 8.5
  • 27. Religion? I’m not really religious at all.
  • 28. Longest relationship? officially 1.25, unofficially over 2
  • Opinion on:
  • 29. Gay rights? Let them eat cake.
  • 30. Second chances? Sure
  • 31. Long distance relationships? Rough stuff
  • 32. Abortion? Let the ladies decide
  • 33. The death penalty? Ouch…
  • 34. Marijuana ? Nah…idk though.
  • 35. Love?No Comment
  • Do you:
  • 36. Believe in ghost? I want to see one for real
  • 37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? Both
  • 38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? I prefer closed
  • 39. Love someone? Love is for Chumps
  • 40. Still watch cartoons? Of course.
  • 41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?Nope
  • 42. Like yourself? Not really

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graphikh asked: Hello,I did some illustrations with tattoos if it interests you come to see on my page. greetings H.

Thank you for invitation.

I  like your style quite a bit.

metanoious asked: Do you have any tattoos with like elegant Lilly flowers ??

These are all my flowers

I just took a bunch of pictures of my teeth.

Braces are coming off tomorrow.

I’m scared they are going to look lame and toothy and just no.

I have a crooked jaw bone and nose bone so I freak out.