loveheelshategirls asked: good cheetah print tattoo?

flaggedforremoval asked: razor/straight razor tattoos?

charmedbutdestroyed asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could find any Aurora Borealis or northern lights tattoos. Thanks!

inn-saiyan asked: any tattoos of family crests?

There are so many of theseeee

sil3ntscr3aming asked: Hi, so do you think you can find a stormtrooper tattoo that is solely the helmet and then roses under? its pretty simple and you'd think id find an example but i cant see any. Thanks!

You could always bring pictures of roses and a storm trooper helmet and have a tat artist draw it up for you.

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imyouurnationalanthem asked: can you post more tattoo pictures that have roman numerals?