My favorite tattoo! Shark jaw by Sean at Remington Tattoo in San Diego

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snahsnah asked: Hi, do you have some good examples for white ink on black ink tattoos? thank you!

Lots of black ink if you just turn to any page, but here are some white


in-side-studio asked: HI, some of city plans, or cities skylines?


rawsummerskin asked: Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I hope you're doing well :)

I’m really happy that you like it.  And thank you! I’m doing okay this second. 

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Sometimes I forget that I am riddled with mental disorder and then my brain and body remind me with crippling force that is incomparable of the unfortunate yet very real nature of my life. “Welcome back!” it screams. “Don’t you dare leave again. I’m just not finished with you yet. You seem to still be alive.”