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isolatedmaniac asked: Hi (: i absolutely love what you do with your blog, its amazing. i was wondering if there are any black/grey bamboo forest back pieces that is japanese style? thank you (:

Thank you :)






jayvaned asked: Im looking for a realism style skull in colour, i've looked around cant find any i like. Any idea where i can look?

I have a big selection of skulls here


And I typed into google “realism skull” and a lot of stuff came up.

I don’t know what exactly what you are looking for but check out my assortment.  If you don’t find anything you can always ask an artist to sketch something to your liking.

nouli asked: Hi:) i'm Nunzia but everyone just call me ''Nou'' and that's actually the meaning of my url:) i'm 20, i live in Italy, and i draw a lot, drink a lot and read a lot. You are one of the firsts blog i followed, cause I love tattoos, even if i don't have one yet;) i've just so many ideas and not enough money! Jeez. Btw, a random fact about me... uhm... i'm bilingual. French/Italian. And my question is: what's your zodiac sign? xx

I want to speak French and Italian.  I’m almost nearly solid in Spanish and I know English so I am also Bilingual!

I am Aquarius.

Now this is an anchor tattoo that I like.


lacuriosidaddelgato-deactivated asked: Hi. Coudl you help me find a tattoo of the TARDIS from Doctor Who? Thanks.

There are literally fifty billion of these so here are a few.






giraffesandcatsarerad-deactivat asked: Do you know of any tattoos of a thistle? Preferably with color. Thanks, I love how helpful your blog is.







imaginative-romantics-deactivat asked: planning on getting a tattoo next January, I'm of Hispanic culture so I want to display this, I was thinking Candy Skull, Cactus Bulbs, and my last name in old English, any suggestions or anything to add?

Hrm. I think whatever fits your idea of your culture will work.