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bizarre-oddities asked: What do you think of illustration tattoos? I personably love them.

Well most tattoos are a sort of illustration of some sort.

daretobegin asked: So, I'm planning on getting my first tattoo in August, and already know the design and whatnot (a paw print with my dog's name in it), but I'm struggling with the placement. I originally wanted it on my wrist, and then thought about my left rib cage, but I've heard that both places really hurt since there isn't much fat on either place. I was just wondering if you have any thoughts as to how I might react to either placement?

I think you should decide where you want based on where you know you won’t regret it just because you worry about the pain level.  If you want it on your wrist then go for it, if you want it on your rib cage, then go for it.  The pain won’t last forever.  The tat will.

gratamntesarcastico asked: What do you think, about people that get a tattoo, just to win "fans"_

People do that?

Talk to meeeeeeeeeee

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LOVEEEE her line tattoo and Love her Blog.