frazzledlimebeast asked: That post you put up about missing your cat & wanting to get a tattoo of her-- I was in thinking the same thing at the exact same time. I'm really sorry. :/ I just lost my kitty a week ago, too. A tattoo is a great way to commemorate them, though. What're you thinking of getting?

You were? whoah. We are in completely different places thinking the same thing…..

I don’t know. It hurts to think about her so Idk if getting a tattoo is even a good idea. 

I’m not sure what I was thinking to get but it would be subtle.

And Meg just got smushed and Hercules pulled the pillar off of her. He is so awesome and I had a crush on him slightly when I was younger because he was so genuinely nice.

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Revisiting the cloud sleeve by Allen Tattoo on Flickr.

I was tearing up thinking about my cat in my kitchen whilst eating leftover spaghetti.

I miss her so bad.

Now I’m thinking about a tattoo I should get for her and watching Hercules because Hercules is the best.