jessthegiraf-deactivated2013032 asked: I'm Jess. 18, almost a giraffe but not quite (hence 'giraf'), from the US, and I like books and tea and denying that I'm a hipster. Can ships be fandoms? I ship faberry SO HARD. I'm biased against republicans and my mother but I try to be logical about most things. I follow you because tattoos are super cool and fun fact: I got to scare the shit out of people during our school's run of Sweeney Todd because I played timpani in the pit. A question... Do I have to ask one?

Timpani is pretty amazing.

And nope you don’t. But I suppose you did.

hlou14 asked: My name is Hannah, I'm 18 and I live in the city of Birmingham in England. My URL is a combination of my first initial, my middle name and my birthday. I enjoy drawing, singing, playing ukulele and watching K-dramas. Main fandoms: Hana Kimi and The Killers. My biases have to be Brandon Flowers and Kim Hyun Joong! I follow you because your posts are always of exceptional quality and standard. Random fact: I sometimes squeal aloud for no reason whatsoever! Question: who are your biases?

UKE! No reason for squealin? hehe cute though.

I don’t understand that question to be honest.

she-is-mad-but-she-is-magic-dea asked: Hello!! My name is Rosa (Spanish for Rose). I'm from Mexico. My birthday is March 25th so these are my last days of 20's & for some strange reason I'm exited to turn 30. I have one tattoo & will love to get another one. I love your page & I think you're super nice. I love traveling & my favorite city (so far) is San Francisco. I want to go to Alaska, Rusia & Australia. I'm a true believer of romanticism.

Thank you :)

Congrats on those last days. Make them wonderous.

crustified asked: Name: Mikki Age: 21 Meaning behind tumblr url: Nothing really, I just like the sound of it. Where you live: The low lands. (aka netherlands) Hobbies/Interests: I like to read. I'm boring. I am interested in everything. Main Fandoms: Discworld (Pratcehtt), Harry Potter Biases: German tourists are fucking annoying. Why you follow me: I like body art. Random fact about yourself: Kiwis make my mouth tingle. Question for me: What's your least favorite question?

Germans? really,hrmm

My least fav question is probably one that revolves around where I live.  I like to keep that a fun secret.

psychoapple asked: My name is melissa and I'm 18, I follow you 'cause I love your blog, and someday I will like to get a tattoo. And I live in Italy, Milan. I love Paramore and I will like to find a tattoo on the wrist inspired by then but not too big. If you could help me I would be grateful. and in the end.. How old are you and where are you from?

You live in Italy? That sounds nice. really nice.

I’m 22 and I’m from the U.S.

toodrunkfortheriver asked: Name: Jasmine. Age: 19. Meaning behind my url: a friend of mine was drinking wine by a river once, and lost his sock and he said "I'm too drunk for the river, man..." Where I live: Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hobbies: drawing, painting, being cynical and bitter. Fandoms: eh.. Biases: uhm???? Why I follow you: you reblog some really beautiful tattoos that I like to fawn over. Random fact: I like to stand outside in the cold sometimes and get chilled to my core. Question: are cows bigger than horses?

I like the drinking story.  And that is something I would.

I think some cows are bigger than horses and weigh more, but def. some horses are bigger than cows.

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I wanna know my followers

Put this in my ask:

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  • Biases:
  • Why you follow me:
  • Random fact about yourself:
  • Question for me.


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lazeeluq asked: your favourite music?

I like loads and loads of different goodies which doesn’t usually include Country music.

Listening to Amarillo by the Gorillaz at this moment.

I have to clean all day today.

People should send me questions or something.

It would be fun.

Ask whatever you would like