This is my 9,000th post.

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My gave blood today for my best friend who is heading into surgery next week.  She has kidney cancer and hopefully will be clear soon.

She wants to get matching tattoos and I suggested our blood types because we are both O+ and because I just gave her a sack of my blood. hehe.

I think it’s a neat idea but I don’t think I’m ready for permanent things on me.

She wants to get it now and I’m like….I love it, and I love you…but ahhhh


Floral half sleeve by Alice Kendall (mostly healed, purple flower fresh)

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hizbabysgurl asked: Do you have any references to a rose busting put of a skull? I want a tattoo like that so bad, and I can't find anything that's even close

I don’t have that exactly.  You will probably need to ask an artist to sketch it out for you.  Here are some skulls.

joceapple asked: hi- I was wondering if you have any pictures of where the inspiration for the compass looking tattoo came from- i love it!

If it doesn’t link to anywhere or have any names below it then I probably had it stored on my computer before I had made a tattoo blog.  Here are more that should have some reference to them.  If anything you could copy and paste it into google to do an image search.