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dirty-mick-deactivated20131011 asked: Dear past me?

Dear past me,

GURLLLLLL. Let your hair down.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY PEOPLE AND TRUST THAT YOU KNOW THEM BETTER THAN YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT HAVE. Arrest that guys ass and get him some psychological health with ten years in prison…also…keep writing in your journal. You are going to stop for like a year and it’s really lame.  Your best friend is going to kiss you and it’s going to be crazy.  One of your friends starts dating this guy that gets her preggo, tell her that he is lame first and foremost and make sure he never sees her.  Tell your bestie that she is better than her next boyfriend because all he wants is her lala.  Tell Mom that you love her more often.  Tell dad that you care about him more often.  Hes going to get really sick but make it through.  Spend more time with James…he passes away. You will get through it I promise<3  Take Cloudy to the clinic when she gets sick and watch her back.  Hell yea she is still alive. We know she is going to live forever.  Control your temper.  Appreciate advice.  Don’t leave for college.  Apply here. You will save yourself a year of depression that happens if you do.  Exercise. Eat better…

Try to be happy.  Please.

PS: Watch out…you rip one of your favorite sweaters by accident in bed some how. Don’t wear it to bed for like a few years then youre good.  We really like that sweater.


isolatedmaniac asked: good luck on your test and painting (: xx

Thank you! Trying to get through the note cards and practice tests now…Tumblrrrrrrrrrr is too distracting of a place.