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If I had thigh tats I would probably take those bathtub pictures not gonna lie.

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doobieelovee asked: Hello do you know where i can find cursive fonts online besides dafont ? x


I’d just type in cursive fonts on a search engine and peruse.

Manfriend shaved the sides of my head again!

It feels a lot cooler which is nice and it looks like I’m part of some Dystopian Society. I like it.

I should take a pic of it but it’s hard to hold a cam and do it. 

Also tumblr doesn’t have that option anymore. I don’t think anyway.


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hektikk asked: My name's Mitch, I'm 21, my URL came from World of Warcraft character names I had, I live in Sydney Australia, hobbies include drawing/painting, reading and being a general cinephile. Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Misfits, Game of Thrones, I'm in most fandoms in general really. Not biased at all. I follow you because you post amazing tattoos! You were the first person I followed. I have Batman tattoos and hope to be a tattooist. Does it bother you some people don't say please when asking for pics?

I wish I still played WOW.

The first person?!?! whoah.


It doesn’t bother me but I notice when people do say it.

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