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I´d love some questions!

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Give me your hand….

no, the other….


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by Madame CHäN

perfect birds is perfect.

dying-would-be-a-great-adventure asked: yeah i dont mind that i dont know fr its just... i think i was reading to much and it confused me. but i like your blog, and I started to draw on myself again, yay!... and your posts make me laugh.... i slightly love you, ok im done bye!

I don’t understand the beginning…I draw on myself sometimes. I drew a tuning fork on me yesterday and kept wishing it would make the same sound if I smacked my arm.  

I’m happy my posts make you laugh! and WhAt you slightly love me? awesome…AWE sum

cadaverstabber asked: 5, 7, 34, 38

5. Shoplifted? By accident. Twice now. I just walk out with stuff to show someone or forget I’m holding things and then freak out and run back and put it back.

7. Broken up with someone? Nope.

34. Marijuana ? Nope.

38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?When I had my own room, the door was almost always closed and locked.  Now it’s just closed.