joceapple asked: hi- I was wondering if you have any pictures of where the inspiration for the compass looking tattoo came from- i love it!

If it doesn’t link to anywhere or have any names below it then I probably had it stored on my computer before I had made a tattoo blog.  Here are more that should have some reference to them.  If anything you could copy and paste it into google to do an image search.

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adriannea asked: 6, 28, 63 love your blog btw xx

Thank you :)

I answered numbah 6

28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Probably one of my siblings.

63. First concert?

Probably something I don’t remember seeing, or QUEEN.


Tattoo by Alice Kendall wonderlandtattoospdx

*tearing up*

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Healed piece by Sean Wright! 


Details of a work-in-progress lace cuff with filigree heart by Alice Kendall.

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