staccato-mambo asked: Do you know of any girlie Capricorn tattoos and year of the monkey tattoos?

There are a lot of different interpretations for the year of the monkey tattoo….so. id just decide what you want it to look like with a monkey involved. heh.

love this one

define-iridescent-deactivated20 asked: I just came across your blog. It's so incredible! I'm thinking about a tattoo this year and I'm mulling over a few ideas. At the moment I'm scouring the net for a really nice design of an aeroplane. A simple, little piece. Not the huge, life like ones I've come across. ;) Have you seen many like the one I had in mind? Also perhaps, a firefly in a jar design? :) Thank you so much for your time. (are you willing to answer this privately? :) Just so I don't miss your reply.) Thanks, again! <3

Thank you!

I wanted an f16 plane tattoo for a long time. Cute idea.

giraffesandcatsarerad-deactivat asked: Hello, I'm looking for tattooed eyebrows. Thank you :)

tatted eyebrow area? or eyebrows that are not eyebrows but tattoos….

deepwatersrunwild asked: Hey inkah, do you have any tags for lyrical tattoo's/places they can go? Chars mightly x


momslovecops asked: Do you have any anklet tattoos?

Tattoos of just anklets?

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katie-be-happy asked: Do you have any pictures of cello/violin full back tattoos?

Ive only ever seen it like this

(via aeternumamissum)

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