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I kinda just want to chop all my hair off. I can’t find any good examples though of people with really short curly hair.

Send me cute hairstyles

This is so beautiful and perfect.

I want it.

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@sannisaar is tattooing her own leg.


Nomi Chi


this picture deserves endless notes

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smellherflowerz asked: i know whats wrong with the human race, but its a long story and it only gets worse. Be kind with the peopler hat cross your path, compassionate, and remember that the answer to life is to luv and keep busy with something that makes you feel alive. Like art, music, building stuff that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Things of that nature:) dnt cry any more, it is what it is and we can't do much, but we can do our best and that always counts for something.

I agree. Thank you so  much.  This was so lovely to read especially after watching the video.  There was so  much horror in it and I just feel bad for even being part of something like this.  Not that I consider myself racist or that I have directly done anything to my knowledge, I just…I don’t know. 

I just watched a 3 hour documentary on Racism and I cried a lot.

What is wrong with the human race?


This show.

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never-let-go53 asked: Are you a dude?

Do I sound like a dude? er…write like you perceive a dude writes?