kyteruhner-deactivated20131229 asked: Hullo. Ultimately I want a water color style tattoo, and I'd like to have a kite be included in the design. I'm having a hard time finding good kite tattoos to give me ideas and I was wondering if you knew of any. Thanks!

And he wore a crown of roses upon his head.

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I’m writing my critique for art and it’s really really late here and it’s turning out cheesy and whatever but I found this mistake.

"I did swirls for the girls…"

I meant  ” I did swirls for the CURLS….”

I started laughing a lot.  




soylentsolvent asked: That's interesting (= I should read that next. What book genre do you find yourself reading the most when you do have time to read for fun?

To be honest, my Mom just hands me things and I read them if they seem interesting.  She is a big source of whatever I end up reading.  She’s an english/reading teacher.  I don’t have a particular genre I look for.  If it sounds interesting I grab it and put it in the stack of books I should read.  And it’s weird.  When I have big breaks like this from reading because of school, i forget I love it.  So right now I’m thinking…idk what to read…do I want to read?  But I know as soon as I start…I’ll be like “DON’T TALK TO ME, I’M IN THIS WORLD. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND…THESE CHARACTERS. THEIR LIVES. FDSKLAJFSKLAJ”

soylentsolvent asked: Have you read anything lately? If so, what book and did you like it ?

While Im in school, it’s nearly impossible to read anything for pleasure.  I get very very wrapped up in books and don’t want to do anything else if I start one.  So right now, all I’ve been reading lots of is my psych book. heh.  I think the last book few books I read were for my english class last semester.  They were Brunelleschi’s Dome, The Alchemist, and a few other plays like The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, which I adored.

My ex boyfriend just asked his girlfriend to marry him….

This is weird and idk why.

I feel like we are still children….

I can’t understand it.

Are grown ups fake kids?

Are adults just kids pretending to be adults?

I was his first kiss…..this is so weird. 

Why is this WEIRD?!