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I really love this pattern.

Also we have matching tunnels! Mine are just a lot smaller. Which comes to what I wanted to say anyway. I’m having trouble wanting to stay at this size….I kinda want to go up…but I think it will just keep going and going and I really just wanted to stay at 12 originally.  So Idk where to stop.

Also her conch piercing is adorable.

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raineymood asked: can you recommend any other good tattoo tumblrs?

To be honest….there are only like….5 other tattoo blogs I actually like. and they are lost among the many other blogs I follow.  I will look sometime. I just…idk. I feel like a lot of people on here that man tattoo blogs have no filter. They just post it because it’s a tattoo.

I feel so smug saying that and I don’t like it but it’s true.

Of course I also haven’t seen ALL other tattoo blogs on here. And many only post a style of tattoo. Like the classic flash tattoos which I rarely like.  So idk….forget what I said. Just find one that posts what you like.

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My therapist did message me back and I’m not at an inpatient center!

Which means I get to be here and still post tattoos!

I don’t necessarily think an inpatient place wouldn’t be beneficial…I just don’t know if I want to try now.

Probably going to start up on new meds soon though.

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