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Sometimes I forget that I am riddled with mental disorder and then my brain and body remind me with crippling force that is incomparable of the unfortunate yet very real nature of my life. “Welcome back!” it screams. “Don’t you dare leave again. I’m just not finished with you yet. You seem to still be alive.”


Tattoo done by Ly Aleister.


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I just had a dream with a lot of cats roaming in my house with people too( which isn’t as exciting)and I couldn’t stand up very well because I kept falling asleep and having sleepy legs, so I’d crawl around for a bit and pet a cat then fall back asleep and wake up again trying really hard to get to the kitchen to eat breakfast. And when I finally sat down at the table, my sister woke me up.

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Buju Tattoo - San Diego - Califórnia

Negative space

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