Looking at Cloud ideas.

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magictarcity asked: do you snapchat?

Idk what that is…

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haverpunk asked: The tattoo artists who hold themselves higher in regard to their skill level... they can come off as pompous at times. The smaller parlors with artists that have been tattooing for years are friendly... but have very outdated styles. Such a shame. ):

Is that what it is? and what do you mean by outdated styles?

I just..idk. it’s seriously every shop….they literally are like

"hey, whats up?" "idk maybe" "yea its 30"

It’s just blegh.


Heart beat and waves. I swim and love the water. It simply makes my heart happy. Done by Shane Baker at Powerline Tattoo in Cranston RI. 

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I don’t know why, but every tat shop I walk into, the people there are always stand offish and not particularly nice.  Not necessarily mean but just…idk.

You want people to come in and get tatted and pierced…why be like that?

Maybe they just do it to me…

Maybe I offend the modded community….

le sigh.

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